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Used Washers and Dryers for Sale

Debating whether to Purchase a New or Used Washer and Dryer?

   When looking to purchase a washer and dryer a few things should be taken into consideration. For instance, is your space big enough to accommodate your new washer and dryer, also is the capacity on the units able to handle your weekly laundry loads? While these are some good things to have in mind before purchasing a new Washer and Dryer, what most people think about is the price.

   One concern that many people have, is that appliances today cost an arm and a leg. While they would love to purchase a beautiful washer and dryer set for $3000, the average person does not have that amount available to spend. Much less $400 - $900 to fix it, not if, but when the machines eventually break down.

   A good alternative is to purchase a Used Washer and Dryer from a reliable local dealer. Not only are you helping the environment by keeping these machines off land fills, but you could be saving a lot of money. The average person saves about 40 - 60% on purchasing a used appliance, as opposed to buying new one.

Not only saving you time and money, but also helping the environment.


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